Before starting

In which languages can I run my store?

You can have your dashboard in English, Polish and German.
The actual store can be translated into any language.

Do I need to have programming knowledge to open my store?

No. Shoplo is designed in such a way that you don’t have to touch any code. But for the ones interested we give you access to the HTML files :).

Will I get access to an FTP server?

You will not. We really want to make sure our servers are secure and are working to their best.
Small files like terms of service can be added in the dashboard.

How do I choose a theme?

First, visit our theme store and take a look at all the themes. Most of them are free.
To decide which theme is best for you, you should set up a trial account, add a product and install several themes, and see how the products and descriptions are shown on the layout. Just check which one you like best :).

If you don’t find any theme you like, you can create a theme yourself by using our theme builder or request a dedicated theme created based on your behalf.

Will you do the store setup for me?

We offer all the tools and support you need so you can set your store up just how you like it.

Creating a store can take you a few days, but we will do everything to make the process run quickly and smoothly.

Will my store be visible in Google?


Yes. After you activate your subscription, your store will be automatically indexed. Keep in mind that, as the store owner, you should take care of the store’s position in the SEO rankings. You can learn more about SEO on our blog.

Can I connect the store to my own domain or does the store need to be in a domain?

You can connect your own domain with a Shoplo store. All you have to do after you bought your domain is to redirect A record from your IP recorder to Shoplo's IP (

Do you need to open a business to sell with Shoplo?

Shoplo doesn't require you to have a business to open a store. However, most of the local laws will require you to register a business if you want to sell in an online store. Please, make sure that you are running your online store according to local laws.

What is the notice period?

There is no notice period. If you decide to close your store, please write to us at confirming that you want to close it and we will close it for you.

Will I be signing a contract with Shoplo?


What do I need to set up an online store?

Mainly, you need an idea, products, and time.

It's very important to take care of the legal aspects (regulations, privacy policy, registering your business, etc). Also, you need to select the payment methods and delivery you would like to offer.

It's also worth thinking about your store strategy and marketing efforts. These factors will play the biggest part in determining the initial success of your store. 

Are there any extra fees besides the subscription?

We don't charge any extra fees. The monthly subscription fee allows you to completely run a store without any hidden costs.

Individual customizations (customizing a theme specifically for you) will incur an additional fee. Such additional services are analyzed by our developers and priced depending on the hours of work.

When you choose a paid theme from our Theme Store, you agree to pay a one-time fee for the chosen theme.

How to move a store from another platform to Shoplo?

The easier way to transfer your store from another platform to Shoplo if you have a csv file with all your products.

You can import all products first and then work on your store’s setup - decide on the layout, add payment and delivery methods, select a subscription and start selling.

The last step is to transfer your domain. All these steps are not difficult to do, and we will help you through the whole transfer process :)

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