Suspending or closing a store

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Suspending a store 

You can suspend your store for as long as you want for $3 net per month, the fee will be charged to the card you previously added.

At this time you have the ability to manage the store and make changes to it, however, the store itself will be invisible. Visitors will see information about its suspension.

You can activate again your store at any time, by going to your Dashboard > Down arrow > Your Payments > and choosing a subscription plan.

To suspend your store go to the bottom of your Dashboard > Account Settings > Account > Suspend store



Closing a store

You can close your store in your Dashboard > Click on avatar icon > Global Settings> Close my store


Click on 'Products accounts'


And then click on 'Deactivate'


API documentation

You will find documentation on this page .

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How to create a theme

In Shoplo you have access to the HTML code and our documentation (available only in Polish). With the help of this information, you can create your own theme.

How to create an application

If you want to create an application for yourself or that is also available to other users, follow these steps:

  • Create a partner account
  • Create the app within the partner account
  • Create your application according to our technical documentation
  • From the affiliate account, submit the app for verification


Additional files

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Where can I upload additional files?

It's a great place to upload extra files, such as PDF documents. For example, you can add a withdrawal form.

Go to Settings > Files > +File


Then select and upload it.

For each file you will see a link that you can copy.



Format and size of files


The size of files added to Shoplo cannot exceed 5 MB. This also applies to all photos. In addition, the longer side of the photo can not exceed 4000 px.

Remember, the bigger the images, the slower your upload will be.

Recommended formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG (if you need to use a transparent background)

We do not recommend using files in the formats BMP, GIF, or TIFF.


SSL certificate for your domain

In Shoplo you have the ability to install an SSL certificate for your domain (in all plans) and in the checkout of your own domain (VIP plan only). If you need an SSL certificate, please email us at: help@shoplo.com.

The cost of its connection is 99 zł net ($27USD) . The certificate is valid indefinitely - it does not require renewal every year.

Note: Due to numerous complications, we do not connect external certificates (purchased outside Shoplo).

How to create direct link to a file on Dropbox?

Dropbox is ideal for storing files if you sell digital products using our application eProducts

How to create a direct link to a file:

  • Log in to your Dropbox account and find the file you want to share.
  • Click on Share > Then click on Create a link > Then on Copy link.


If you have a Dropbox folder attached to your operating system, you can open it and search for the right file, right-click, and select 'Copy Dropbox Link'.



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