Customer account

A customer account gives the customer the opportunity to view their orders (order data, statuses, etc.) and to save their contact details

Make sure you have an Advanced or higher plan if you want to have this functionality. If so, follow the instructions below.

Adding a registration and login option

Go to 'Settings' > Orders > General Order settings > Toggle customer account.

Decide whether registration is required or optional for ordering (the customer decides whether he wants to set up an account or whether to buy as a guest).


Then choose whether or not a customer account will be active as soon as it's set up or will require verification and activation.


Now check if in your store's header there is a register/login link.


If the link is not visible in your store contact us - We will add this element to your theme.

Adding notes and tags to a customer

In this article you will learn:

How to add an edit a note 

During the process of finalizing the order, the customer may add a note. You can see them when you go to 'Customers'> Select a customer > Notes

You can also add a note yourself or edit an existing one.

To add or edit notes just start typing. The note is automatically saved. Remember not to overwrite any important information the customer has given you.


How to add and remove customer tags

You can add tags to each customer. Go to 'Customer' > Select a customer > click on 'Edit' > Scroll to Tags section > Add a tag and click on 'Save changes;.


Remove the tag by clicking the 'X' at the selected tag.



How to send a message to a customer

Go to 'Customers' > Select a customer > click on 'Send a message'shoplo-customer-send-msg.png

Enter the subject and the content, and click on 'Save changes' to send the message.

You can also copy the customer's email address and send a message from your mailbox.

Editing customer's data

Go to Customers > Select a customer > click on Edit 


Edit the necessary data and click on  'Save changes'.

Giving customers a discount

In Shoplo you can give an individual discount to your customer.

Go to 'Customers' > Mark the customers you want to give a discount.


From the drop-down menu, select 'New discount' and enter the percentage of discount you want to give.


Click on 'Save'. Once the customer has entered an email, during the process of finalizing the order, the discount will automatically be active.

Import and export of customers

In this article you will learn about:

Importing customers from a CSV file

Go to 'Customers'> click on the three dots > Click on 'Import from a CSV file'.


Then upload the corresponding file.


Then match the appropriate columns and save changes.

Exporting customers to a CSV file

Go to 'Customers'> click on the three dots > Click on 'Export to a CSV file'.


You will receive a link to the generated CSV file via email.

Manually adding a customer

All customers who make a purchase will be listed on the customers tab. You can also add a customer manually. 

Go to 'Customers' > + Customer.


Enter the data and click on 'Save changes'.

Intro to Customer Management

Anyone who makes a purchase on your store becomes your customer. In Shoplo's dashboard, customers are defined by email address.

With each customer, you can check the order history, edit their data, and even assign an individual discount.

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