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Other payment methods

All available payment gateways are found under Settings > Payments.

Available payment gateways in Shoplo:



First, make sure your PayPal account has an active and configured access option via an API.

For a detailed description of the programming interface activation and other data, click here.

To set up PayPal in your store, go to Settings > Payment > Click on 'Available' at the top of the page > Click on 'Enable' right next to Paypal's logo.

Now complete the form by entering the information you received from PayPal. Remember that your username and password are not your login credentials. Learn how to get your API username and password.


Now choose, after choosing which delivery type, you want customers to be able to pay with Paypal and click on 'Save changes'.

How do I get my PayPal username, password and API signature?

Access to API is only possible for PayPal Business accounts.

To get your API username, password and signature:

1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Click on 'Tools' > Then click on 'All tools'.


3. Select 'API Credentials'.


4. Now click on 'Request API credentials'.


5. Select 'Request API signature' and click on 'Agree and submit'.


6. Now click show and copy: API User Name, API Password, and Signature. Then paste them into your Shoplo dashboard when you set up PayPal payments.


Additional information:

API Username is not an email address.

If you set up PayPal on the order finalization page and receive an error message, if the customer is not redirected to the PayPal website or if you select this payment method, it is redirected to the beginning of the form then: 

  • Make sure the data (username, password, signature) in your Shoplo dashboard is identical to what you see in your PayPal account.
  • Make sure the password in your Shoplo dashboard has the same amount of characters as in PayPal. You can also rewrite all characters manually.
  • If you select a too large area when copying this data, you can accidentally copy the unnecessary space. Make sure that there are no spaces in the data at the beginning or end.
  • Most reported errors were due to a space at the beginning of the API username.
  • If you want to see changes to your PayPal settings, then after you made sure the data is correct and saved all changes, refresh the panel page in your browser. (Windows: F5 key on keyboard / MAC: Cmd + R)


To receive payments via PayU, you must first create a PayU account. You can sign up in here.

After you’ve created an account, you’ll need to follow this steps:

1. Login to PayU > go to the 'Online Payments' tab > select 'My Shops' > click on 'Add shop'


2.Complete the data and click continue. Now select Classic API and UTF-8 encoding.


3. Provide return addresses and an address for reports.

Error return address


In {yourstorename} add the url address of your store.

For example:

Successful return address

Enter the following address:


Address for reports

Enter the following address:



After you've entered all links, click on 'save changes'. 

Now you will see the data that you will need to add in your Shoplo dashboard. Save this information.


4. Now log in to your Shoplo Dashboard and go to Settings > Payments > Click on 'Available' at the top of the page > Click on 'Enable' right next to PayU's logoShoplo-payu-enable.png

5.Fill out all fields with the configuration keys obtained in step 3. Then, choose what type of delivery should be available for this payment method and click on 'Save Changes'.


Other payment methods

Make sure you have an existing PayLane, Braintree, Stripe or eService account.

For all these payment methods you will need to follow this steps:

1. In your Shoplo dashboard, go to the 'Settings' > 'Payments' and click the 'Enable' button right next to the payment method you want to activate.


2. Complete the form with the data obtained from the payment provider.

3. Then, choose what type of delivery should be available for this payment method and click on 'Save changes'.


Shoplo Payments

In this article you will learn:

What are Shoplo Payments?

Shoplo payments is a modern payment system specially designed for Shoplo customers. In addition to high-speed online transfers, you will be able to make transfers directly to your customers' accounts.

Plase note: Shoplo Payments is only available for businesses registered in Poland.

Setting up your store before activating Shoplo Payments

In order to quickly and efficiently verify Shoplo Payments, make sure your store is setup properly:

1.  Make sure you added products.

This is one of the most important factors to proceed with the account verification.

2. Give access to your store. 

If your store is password protected, please contact Blue Media. Please inform them about this and make a password specifically for them to use at the time of verification. Ideally, it would be "BlueMedia".

3. Add some information in the terms of use.

Add information in the terms of use about all available forms of payment. If you activate the ability to pay by card, write down these cards options:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • MasterCard Electronic
  • Maestro

Put information for example about the way you will process refunds. In case a payment was made with a credit card, a refund will be made to the account assigned to the card.

4. Banner with bank icons

Add a banner with all banks and card organization icons. Download the banner here. 

5. Order fulfilment time 

If you activate a card payment, the order fulfilment time must be indicated from the moment you receive a positive payment authorization. This entry should be included in the terms of service and on the checkout page.

Activating Shoplo Payments

Go to 'Settings' > 'Payments' > Click on the 'Activate' button next to the Shoplo Payments icon.


An activation form will appear. Fill it out in full, click on 'Next'.


Important: Make sure that the account number you entered is exactly the same as the one from which you make the verification payment.

Once you fill out the form correctly, you will receive a confirmation message with a button redirecting to the bank. Click on it and make a verification payment.

After a verification transfer is made for PLN 1 (after the verification is complete the amount will be refunded) you will be redirected back to Shoplo.

Verification can take up to 24 hours.  After the verification is complete, in your dashboard you should see the information about Shoplo Payments enabled.


Benefits of using Shoplo Payments

  • Fast processing time - You will receive the payment the next day after customer's payment (on working days).
  • Easy to use - After activating Shoplo payments, you don't have to fill in additional contracts or create additional accounts at external sites.
  • Flexibility - We offer direct redirecting to the largest banks, as well as payments made by ordinary bank transfers and card payments.
  • Low commission - Commission rate from 1.69%
  • Secure system guaranteed - Our payment system is based on stable technology, created by the online payment experts from Blue Media.
  • Easier handling of orders - Orders paid through Shoplo Payments will automatically change their status after the payment is confirmed.
  • Refunds - If your customer has paid your order with Shoplo Payments, you can make a refund directly from your store.

List of banks available in Shoplo Payments

Shoplo payments support online transfers and card payments.

Credit cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Visa


Available banks for direct transfers:

Our integration automatically redirects the user to the bank page for payment, after performing the payment,  the customer returns to the store page.


Commissions in Shoplo payments

We offer an attractive commission rate of 1.69% (except from the Starter plan: 1.89%) for all sorts of transfers.

In case of card payments, the commission amount is 1.69% (1.89% in the Starter Plan) + 20 PLN cents per transaction.

Frequently asked questions

If I decide to use Shoplo Payments, will I have an agreement with Shoplo?

The payment service agreement is with Blue Media. The contract is concluded electronically, after acceptance of the regulations, when Shoplo Payments is activated. The Terms and Conditions are also available in your Shoplo dashboard throughout the duration of the contract. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

Who is the operator of Shoplo payments?

The Blue Media payment service provider Blue Media SA (Blue Media SA) operates the Shoplo Payments Service. Based in Sopot, having the status of a national payment institution and the NBP's consent to conduct clearing and settlement activities. More information about Blue Media is available at

When and how will I receive payment from the buyer?

You will receive funds for transactions made by customers to your bank account at the latest by the end of the next business day. The funds will be transferred to the bank account you provided on the registration form. The transfer is automatically sent without the need for additional payment processing. You will receive your payment less the due payment service fee. There are no additional fees for automatic payments to your account.

Will I receive a notification after payment and will the order change its status?

Yes. Confirmation of payment for the purchased goods will be sent to your email address. The message will contain details of the order placed by your customer. Order status changes automatically after payment and can be checked in the Orders tab.

Will I receive an invoice for the commissions I'll pay?

The VAT invoice for commissions is generated automatically and sent once a month to your email address. You don't need to log in to the Shoplo dashboard to receive an invoice. If you have not received an invoice or the information given in the invoice doesn't match, contact BOK Blue Media at

Where can I send an inquiry about Shoplo Payments?

Complaints can be made at by phone at 58 7604 844 (during Customer Service Hours 7-22) or via the contact form available on this site. You can also send an inquiry to BOK Shoplo via email: or by phone at 22 873 83 43 (Monday to Friday 9-17).

How to deactivate Shoplo payments?

If for any reason you want to cancel the service, you can deactivate it in your dashboard.
Go to Settings > Payments and then click on the option to deactivate the service right next Shoplo Payments' logo.

Payment via traditional bank transfer


Go to 'Settings' > 'Payments'.

On the top right corner, click on  '+Payment method'.


Enter a custom name: Traditional bank transfer


Change the message you'll send when an order is placed. This is the information sent when the order is placed. Add, for example, your account number information or use the available variables.

Finally, connect this payment method with the delivery method you want to offer when a customer pays by traditional bank transfer.


Cash on delivery

If you haven't added a delivery method 'Cash on delivery' - add it according to this article.

Go to 'Settings' > 'Payments'  > Click '+ Payment method'.


Add the custom name: 'Cash on delivery'.


Change the email template. This message is sent when the order is placed.

Remove the info, for example, about your bank account number and add a few sentences related to the way the customer can pay when the order is delivered.


Finally, connect this type of payment with the appropriate delivery method.


Payment on pickup

If you haven't added a delivery method 'Click & collect' yet, learn how to do it here.

Go to 'Settings' > 'Payments' > Click on '+ Payment method'.


Add custom name: 'Payment on pickup.' 


Change the email template. This message is sent when the order is placed.

Remove the message, for example, about the bank account number and add a few sentences related to the personal pick up of the order.


Finally, choose the type of delivery you want to have for this payment method. You should normally choose the option of personal pickup, click & collect.

If you would like to add payment for download, see this article.


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