Delivery settings

Free delivery and delivery rate types

In this article you will learn: 

Free delivery

Regardless of the delivery type, you can always offer free shipping.

When adding a delivery method in the field where you should select a rate, select a fixed rate and enter zero in the delivery cost box.


You can also add a free delivery, for example as above specified but based on order value.

How to set a delivery based on the value or weight of the order

In Shoplo you can set the delivery type depending on the weight or order value. You can also create appropriate intervals.

When you add or edit a delivery method, select a rate type, either weight or value based rate. Enter a range and price and save changes.


If you want to add another interval - add a new delivery, but the exact delivery method and with exactly the same name, just different value range.

For example:

Add a country delivery called "Courier" with the value range from £0 - £99, delivery cost £15.

shoplo-delivery-value-based-rate.pngThen again add a country delivery, also called "Courier" with a range from 100 to an unlimited value  (just leave it empty) and enter the amount of £10. Of course, you can also type zero. Then the shipping by courier for a £100 order will be free of charge.


This way you will get two ranges, based on order value:


Click & Collect

In Shoplo, you can add a personal pickup as one of the delivery methods.

Go to Settings> Delivery 

Click '+ Delivery method' right next to 'Click & Collect':


Enter the name, specify the status, and select whether you want it to be the default delivery method or not:


Provide the pickup address:


Add the opening hours of the pickup location, choose the type of delivery rate you want to have and the payment method that should be available for this delivery method. Click on 'Save changes'.

For this delivery method, it's very common to choose a flat rate and enter a delivery cost of '0'. Of course, you can set the rate and cost as you prefer. Learn more about rates and fees.


Drop point

In Shoplo you can add drop point for InPost Packzkomaty and for Polish Post

In this article you will learn about:

How to add 'drop point' as a shipping method?

Go to Settings > Delivery

Click on '+Delivery method' right next to the Drop point option.


Select the specific method and enter the name that will be visible to your customers when they're finalizing your order.


If you want to add different rates, depending on weight or order value - Learn how to do it.

Finally, associate this delivery method with the appropriate payment method. 

Learn how to:

Fill all remaining details and save.

If you have selected Paczkomaty and have not installed the application, you will be redirected to the appropriate page to install it. Learn how to install the app.

*Paczkomaty can be set up as a cash on delivery payment method for stores delivering only in Poland.

How to install the Paczkomaty app (Polish stores only). 

Once you've added Packzkomay as a delivery method, you will be directed to the InPost Inbox page. You can also go to it by clicking on this link.


Click 'install add-on'. Confirm store name and all permissions. The application will be installed on your store. Then enter your data in InPost or create a new account.

Intro to Delivery Settings

Add delivery methods to your store to let your customers choose how you should deliver the purchased products.

You can add:

This way, when customers will place an order, they will see the delivery methods you added in the checkout page (while they finalize the order):



You can use any of our courier integrations to speed up the delivery process.

See the list with all integrations

These are some of the features the apps will allow you to have: 

  • Electronic shipping process
  • Automatic order fulfilment
  • Generation of waybills
  • Fast preparation of multiple packages
  • Sender and receiver data automatically filled


Domestic and international delivery

In this article, you will learn how to set up domestic and international delivery.

 Go to 'Settings' > Click on 'Delivery'.


 Click on '+Delivery method' right next to the method you want to choose.

Fill out all data. Set the status 'Enabled' to activate it and, if applies, activate it as the 'default delivery' by clicking on the grey button.


If you're preparing delivery to another country, just specify the country.


You can choose a flat shipping rate or set it up as a weight-based or value-based rate.


Last, specify the type of payment method you want to offer for this delivery method and click on 'Save changes'.

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