Step by step tutorial through basic settings of your store


Categories, Brands & Collections


Choosing a theme.

Creating a store in your own language.

Banners & frames

The Main Menu of your store.

Instagram gallery in your store

How can I change the layout of my store?

Copying products

Adding products to your store

Adding variants of a product.

How to get PayPal username, password and API signature?

Setting up free delivery.

PayPal configuration

Payment methods

Delivery methods

How can I send an email prompted by a certain payment method?

Newsletters and Discounts/Vouchers.

Rerouting your current domain to your Shoplo store.

Default email templates

Using variables in email templates

How to set up email address in my store domain

What is a Product Feed?

How do I delete a product from Multichannel?

How to create a Multichannel account

How to connect your first channel

How to connect other channels

How to create direct link to file on Dropbox?

Functions and configuration of Shoplo Widgets

Writing terms of use for my store.

How do I pay for my Shoplo subscription?

Where can I download my VAT invoices?