Adding products to your store

The Shoplo platform allows you to add new products to your store in 3 different ways:

  • Manual
  • Copy
  • Import



If this is the first time you’re selling your products online, this is how you will add them. You don't have to add every single detail about your product right now.  The only necessary details are the name of your product, the SKU number (Stock Keeping Unit) and the price of your item. Of course, the more you tell about your product, the better.

  1. In the Shoplo side menu click on “Products”
  2. On the top right of the page, click “ADD”
  3. Now you need to fill out the fields shown. You only need to add name, SKU and price of your product to add it to your inventory, but it is highly recommended to specify the rest of the characteristics too.
  4. Once those necessary details have been filled, write out a great description and upload your default image
  5. Fill out a short description. This information will be seen on the product listing page.
  6. Fill in the applicable VAT rate and and the dimensions and weight of your packed product.
  7. Adding tags to your product helps this specific product be found when people search your store for it. The more tags your product has, the easier it is for people to find it when they search your store and search for similar products in google. Brainstorm as many words that relate to you product.  Colors, materials, and who would use it.  Separate words with a space and create a new word by hitting “,”
  8. Next, add any additional images to show off how good your product is.
  9. The stock (inventory) section is seen only by you and is used to keep track of how many pieces of the product you have. “Inventory level tracking” means that your stock is automatically reduced when a seller buys an item.  If this isn't selected, you need to manually adjust your inventory levels when an item is sold. Not enabling this feature may be beneficial if you are also selling your product in a physical store.
  10. “Allow users to purchase this item when out of stock” means exactly that. Only select this feature if you can refill your stock of this product very quickly, as purchasing an out of stock item will only extend the time a customer must wait to receive it.
  11. If you are selling from a vendor, specify which one in the next drop down box
  12. The next area is where you fill in all the SEO credentials about your product. We won’t discuss SEO here, but more information can be found here.
  13. Next, select which categories and collections you’d like your product to be featured in.  
  14. Finally, hit save changes and your product has been manually added!



If you have 2 products that are similar to each other, you can copy them using the “copy button”. Then you will have the information filled for you and you only need to change the SKU and any other differences between the original product and the new one.


  1. In the Shoplo side menu click on “Products”
  2. On the top right of the page, click “ADD”
  3. On the right hand side of the Product name text box, click “Duplicate”


4. Select the existing product that you would like to copy then change the relevant features.




If you already sell your products elsewhere online (Shopify, Etsy etc.) you can export your products with just a couple of clicks instead of adding them manually. You can find more information about it in our other FAQ articles.