Creating a store in your own language.

With Shoplo, your storefront (the area that customers see) can be in any language you want.

To do this, only 3 things need to be translated. 

  1. the navigation
  2. your product descriptions
  3. and theme


Firstly, navigation.  Go to layout > navigation and edit each link by clicking here.

Enter the translation into your desired language and save. Repeat for all the links in all the main nav bar and footer nav bar. 


Next, upload product descriptions in the desired language.



Now, translating a theme.

First, go to 'layout' and click 'translations' next to 'Theme settings' and 'HTML editor'. Next, click add language

Next, click 'add language'.

Choose a country from the list or create your own name for a translation.

Click ‘add language’. On the next screen, click the edit button of your new translation

After translating all the required fields, click 'save changes’.  

Note: any boxes that aren’t given a translation will not show any text.

Now, click ‘change active language’



Choose your new language from the drop-down box and hit ‘save changes’.



If you notice any incorrect translations or any translations are missing, go to layout > theme settings and find the page with the problems to manually translate that button.  

These changes will be applied storewide to every instance of that button.