Categories, Brands & Collections

Using the Shoplo platform, you will come across the words categories, collections and brands.

These are different ways that we can organise our products and show them off in our store.




Categories is the most important area, as the hierarchy of your store (the way things are structured) depends on which categories your products are assigned to. If you have a large inventory, setting up categories is a very important part as it helps your customer navigate their way through your range. 



Clothing/Footwear/Flipflops is where all your flip-flops will be listed.

Clothing/Footwear/Dress shoes is where all your dress shoes will be listed.


To create a new category:

1. click Products > Categories

2. click "+ADD"

3. Enter a name and click "Save changes". 

To create a subcategory, a category within a category, highlight an existing category and click the + button on the right-hand side of the page.


You can also create a sub-category by clicking the 6 dotted icon near the ‘+’ button, and drag and drop the category into the desired category.




The category you dragged and dropped has now become a subcategory of where you placed it.



This can be done on as many levels as you like, but we suggest having no more than 3 subcategories in any 1 main category.  




Sometimes you need to mix few products from different categories, for example, when a certain range goes on sale or the new Summer collection arrives. This is where collections shine!


To create a new collection, click products -> collections and then '+ New Collection'. 

Enter the name of the collection and any other parameters you wish to. 

To add products to your collection, click on the 'edit' button next to the Collection that you've just created.


Then click the grey 'Products' button in the top right of the page.

Now choose the order that you'd like your products to be listed in the collection, then start typing the name of the product you'd like to add to your collection.

When you Collection is complete, click 'Save Changes'.  

You can show the products that are in a collection on the home page. You can also link to it using the navigation bar or a banner. 


You can add products to one brand or vendor.

Some clients are looking for products from a specific brand. Being able to browse brands will speed up finding the right product and purchasing it.

To create a brand and add products to it, follow the same steps as in Collections.