The Shoplo platform allows you to sell physical or digital products and services. You can manage them in the Shoplo dashboard under "Products". 

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Adding a single product


In the menu on the left click 'products' then “add a product”.

Type in the name, price, and SKU (stock keeping unit). These 3 pieces of information are required for every product.

Product Description: Fill in the description of your product. Enter essential information about your product, this is where you need to really sell your product. Mention necessary information about sizing too. Add a short description optimised for SEO.

Then choose if price the includes tax or not. If your product can be sold with a different VAT rate, change this value here.
You also have the option of adding additional information, like dimensions and weight. 

Tags: To make your product easier to find, add the appropriate tags. Think about materials, colours, sizes and other things your customers search for to find your product.

Images: You can add multiple photos at a time.

Stock (Inventory): The inventory level toggle lets you automatically keep track of your inventory levels.With is disabled, quantities will not change when a product is sold.  With this toggle enabled, your product quantity will decrease by one every time a product is sold. 

If using this feature, select notification threshold. If you choose high, you will be notified when the stock quantity hits 20 pieces (since you sell a lot of these items and need time to replenish your stock). For average, you will be notified at 10 pieces and for low, 5.

All that's left is to add SEO information and to add the products to an already existing category, collection and/or brand.

Click save.



Importing Products


You can also import products from a CSV file.

Click the 3 dots in top right corner and choose “import product from CSV”

Choose the relevant CSV file.

Here you see a preview of the first 3 products listed in the CSV file. Use the drop-down list, to match columns from the CSV file to those in your shoplo account. If you want to skip one just unselect it.

Click next

Depending on the number of products the import may take a while.

Refresh the page to see your newly imported products.

Double check to make sure the products have been added correctly.



Editing and organising products


Go to products > all products

Click on the name of the product that you want to edit

Click the drop-down box that says 'visible' and select hidden if you do not want the product displayed in your store.

In the 'history' tab, you can see the edit history of your product.

By clicking the 'variants' tab, you can manage each individual product variant.

In the 'details' tab change or add the details that you originally provided when you first added your product.

The 'images' tab is where you add, remove and change the order of your product images.

In the 'organise' tabs, you can put your product into relevant categories, collections or a brand.



Removing products


In the Shoplo dashboard, click 'products'.

Click the check box next to the name of the product(s) that you want to delete.


A menu will pop up at the bottom of the screen.  From the drop-down menu choose “delete” and hit save.