Choosing a theme.

in your Shoplo store, the theme is best described as the paint, furniture and layout of your store. Changing a theme in your Shoplo store can be done with a few clicks.

To change a theme in your storefront (the part of the website that customers interact with), go to layout and click more themes.


You can choose from wide range of free themes. Next to each theme you can see the name, a preview and the price (if applicable). Click the one that you'd like to use.

Here you see a preview, showing how this theme looks on both desktop and mobile devices.


Take note of the Author & Support. This is important information.

If you would like to change some elements of a theme or you have any layout problems, contact its author. Shoplo does not support or make any modifications to third party themes.


When you've decided on a theme you'd like, Click “I want this theme”. Fill in your store name and confirm the installation.


Your selected theme has appeared in your dashboard but it’s still inactive.

Click the 'options' drop-down menu.

Here, you can change the theme settings, see a preview and change the languages.

You can also edit the HTML code.

Remember, after changing a code the theme loses its warranty and we will not longer support it.


To activate your theme, click the 'Active' button underneath the preview.



If you already have your own theme saved you can upload it here.