Navigation is an important part of your webstore. It’s how people get around!

In this article




Navigation is a single menu with links that can link to different parts of your store. 

There are two main navigation to customise.

  • the main nav bar
  • and the footer nav bar 

As you can see in above example we have:

- one main navigation

- and two navigations in the footer (quick links and contact)

Notice: Some themes can have even four navigations in a footer. 



Creating Navigation

By default in the Shoplo Dashboard you have one main navbar and one in a footer.  

Adding a navigation

  1. Go to layout > navigation
  2. Click 
  3. Type in a name
  4. Save changes



Within a navigation, you can have multiple links. 

Adding links 

  1. Click add link in the chosen navigation.
  2. Give the link a name
  3. choose where it will link
  4. Click save



Editing, removing and reordering

To edit a link, click   If you need to, change the name and/or the link location and save.  

Rearrange (  ) the order by dragging and dropping.

Delete (  ) a link by clicking the trash can.



Creating dropdowns in menus.

You can easily create a drop-down menu like this in your nav bar.

Let's say you want to have a 'Shop' link in the main nav bar and when you hover over it, different categories are displayed.


  1. Add ‘Shop’ as a link in the main nav bar.
  2. Create a new navigation panel (see the earlier chapter, Creating navigation) and name it Shop.
    Note: This navigation needs to have exactly the same spelling as the link in the main nav bar. 
  3. Add your desired links to the "Shop" navigation. (see 'Adding links to navigation')


Of course, you can use any name you want instead of Shop.  

Now go to your storefront and see the result.