Newsletters and Discounts/Vouchers.

In this article you will learn:

  1. How to create a pop-up windows asking visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.
  2. How to send newsletter emails to your subscribed clients.
  3. How to offer discounts to newsletter recipients.


  1. Creating a popup requesting subscription to a newsletter.

A majority of our layouts automatically include a small newsletter subscription form, placed on your homepage. Encourage a customer to subscribe by placing a popup with attractive images to draw attention.

Our layouts differ slightly in regards to what functionalities they offer. Among others, our Manhattan layout contains a popup subscription request.

If you have chosen a different layout, you can still have a popup window by using an additional module. Install and use our app Squeeze and you will be able to configure your own pop-up window.

If you are still struggling to create your desired pop up window, please contact us. Our specialists can create a pop-up according to your PSD files.


2. Sending newsletter emails to subscribed clients

To do this, use our Mailchimp app. Mailchimp advantages include a very easy to use layout and your emails wont be caught by spam filters. 

Mailchimp offers both free and paid accounts. Paid accounts allow you to activate more advanced settings but a free account will allow you to send up to 12000 mails per month and to have up to 2000 subscribers.

For more information:

3. How to offer discounts to subscribed users

Welcoming mails or any other automatically generated emails may contain presents for customers in the form of discounts to your store. The most convenient way to do so are vouchers. But firstly, we need to create one.

Choose Marketing > Vouchers and click on Create a voucher

Fill up the parameters according to your needs


Place your voucher code in a template which will be sent to your new subscribers or any other relevant template.