How to install and use the Zapier app

Zapier is used to connect different applications with each other.

In this article:

Which data can be transferred?

After connecting Shoplo with Zapier, you can send the following pieces of information:

  • new product
  • new client
  • new order
  • change in order status

Installation and connection of the application

Firstly, install the integration. Go here and click "Install add-on".

After installing you will the ee following screen with settings: 


Click "Connect" (Połącz)

You will see:


If you already have a Zapier account just click "Login to Accept Invite", otherwise create an account by clicking Sign Up to Accept Invite. 

If you are creating account, fill in all required data and create account. Next click Accept Invite & Build a Zap.

How to create a zap

1. Click Make a zap! 


or Create this Zap if you just created a new account.


Firstly, choose trigger appication (Trigger app). If it's not automatically choosen, search for Shoplo and choose it. 


2. Now choose an action. You can choose from:


Choose one and click Save + Continue

Click: Connect an Account

You'll be asked to enter token:


You will find it in your Shoplo dashboard. Go to Add-ons > Zapier > and copy a token. 


After pasting, click Yes, Continue. You will be redirect to the configuration.

Choose Shoplo and click Save + Continue


Copy the link


and in Shoplo your dashboard, add it to the Zapier App in the webhook section.


In Shoplo, after pasting the link, choose the type of webhook, and click Add (Dodaj). Remember to choose exactly the same option that you chose in Zapier a few steps back.


Zapier will want to test the Zap connection.


To test a connection, you will have to perform the choosen action. 

For example, if you chose in previous steps New product, go to Shoplo dashboard and add a new product. After few seconds you will see a message:


Click Continue.

3. In this stage, you need to choose an action which will occur in your other connected app. Start with an choosing app and continue according to instructions on screen.



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