Functions and configuration of Shoplo Widgets

Shoplo Widgets are simple and effective little way of selling your products on other websites- for example on a blog where people talk about your industry or products similar to yours. Using widgets helps you increase your sales and spread the word about your products.


With Shoplo Widgets you can:

    • Create banners with your products containing Call to Action linking directly to cart in your store
    • Easily export widgets and place them on any website on the internet
    • Add additional information about product categories, collections or vendors 
    • Customise a widget's look - change its color, font and size


To make Shoplo Widgets, you need to add the application to your page.  Even if you will use your widgets on other websites, the codes for the widgets are generated in your Shoplo account. 


How do I install the Shoplo Widgets in my store?

1. Log in to your account

2. From left side menu choose “Add-ons”

3. From top bar choose “More Apps”


4. Find Shoplo Widgets:

The app needs access authorisation to reach information about the products in your store. (access is not changeable)


How work with Shoplo widgets looks like.


 On the app page you have access to following options:


    • Buy now”- allows you to create a widget that will take you directly to the page of that product. 
    • Product display widget”- allows you to create a widget with information about a set of products from chosen category, collection or vendor.
    • What is Shoplo widget”- redirects to this information page about the app.
    • Your widgets”- leads to list of created widgets.



How to create a “Buy Now” widget?


To create widget similar to this:


follow these steps:

    • Click “Create Widget" under the shopping trolley image. 
    • In the last text box, start typing the name of your product and select it when it is suggested.


TIP: You can click on the widget name in the preview and change its content.


    • Optional- adjust the color of the widget according to style of the page that the widget will be used on. 
    • Click “Get widget code” and copy the code. Paste it on the page on which you want widget to be displayed.

After getting the code of the widget, it will show up in the list of created widgets.


How to create the “Product display widget”?

Next up, we have a widget like this:


It contains a set of products from specific collection, category or given vendor.

To create a "Product display widget":

    • Choose “Create widget”  under the photo image. 
    • From drop-down list choose whether widget will lead to category, collection or vendor. Depending on this, the content of the widget will change:

    • Optional: adjust color of the widget according to the style of the page that the widget will be used. You can also change number of columns and rows of products that will be shown.
    • Click the “Get widget code” button and copy the code. Paste it on the page that you want the widget to be displayed.


List of created widgets 

Here you will find all the widgets created in this app. 

Here, you can edit the widgets you've created. For example when you need to change the title, style or size of widget. You can also delete unused widgets.

IMPORTANT: Before deleting the widget, you should delete its codes on every website where the widget was used! It gets quite ugly otherwise...

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