How can I change the layout of my store?

Much like the layout of a physical shop, a layout defines how your store will look to shoppers.  The layout not only determines how your store will be seen by your clients, but also which functionalities will have. 

The display of your store depends on the layout you have selected. Your account comes with some stunning default layouts, but you can also create some on your own or purchase some more intricate and specific layouts.  

Each new store on Shoplo has the default layout called ‘Classic 2.0”:

At any given time you can change your layout by choosing other available themes on our Theme Store or your own theme.


Changing Layout in Theme Store

To change the layout to other available layout in the theme store, follow these steps:

1. Go to the "Layout" tab and select "Add a theme". This will take you to the Theme Store

2. In the Theme Store  you will see a default preview of how each layout will look on a computer and a mobile device. Choose layout in which you are interested and click “I want this theme”

3. You may be prompted to log in again

4. your selected layout will appear in the Layout panel at the bottom of the page. 

5. To activate the new layout, click on “Active” button under the layout preview. After the layout change has been made you will see that the new layout is displayed as the active one. With your new theme selected, you can manually change the theme settings, edit the HTML code (very scary), download the theme in a .zip file and change the languages.

6. Go admire your pretty new shop!