Delivery methods

To set up your delivery options in your Shoplo store, go to Settings /> Delivery. 

You can choose from couple different options.


Click & Collect

Buyers use this method if they want to pick the item up from you.  They may pay by another online method and then pick the item up, but this method also allows the buyer to pay cash in hand, much like a physical store front.

To set up your click and collect details, click “Add delivery rate” next to the Click & Collect text. Fill in the service name with what you would like this option to be named (Click & Collect) and then fill out the address that your customers can come collect their items from. Be sure to fill out the hours your buyers are able to come pick the items up. Delivery type and weight can be left blank as they are irrelevant if the customer will come pick up their purchase.


Drop point

A drop point method of delivery is used when you (the seller) will ship the seller’s purchase to the buyers chosen drop point- retail shop, post office, electronic post locker or a defined address.  The buyer is notified when their delivery has arrived and goes to pick up the parcel.

From a sellers point of view, this method of delivery is exactly the same as shipping to an address.  The buyer still specifies which address or location they want the package delivered to.  To set up this method of delivery, Specify your preferred method of shipping in the “Choose shipping” drop down menu. Next, specify a name for this method of delivery (Drop point) and make sure it is activated in the next drop down box. You have the option of making this delivery method the default way that you ship items. Next, select the rate type from the drop down menu, fill in the weight of the item and the cost to send.  You’re done!


Country & World

Now we have our final 2 delivery options, “Country’ and “World”. “Country” allows you to define a flat shipping rate for your country of residence while “World” allows you to define flat shipping rates for a specific continent or foreign country.

When it comes to shipping companies, we suggest UPS, DHL or DPD, as we created easy and convenient apps to streamline your delivery method. If you haven’t created accounts with any of these service providers, we encourage you to find out which provider is best for you and sign up with them.  It makes your job so much quicker and easier (and it doesn’t cost a thing!) Our tools minimize the chances of some kind of shipping error being made somewhere and lets you spend more time on more important things.

Once you have set up your account with these companies, you only need to enter your username, password, customer number and sender details and the rest takes care of itself! Once your delivery app is installed and set up, you can easily fulfil orders and print waybills directly from your Shoplo dashboard. No need to input receiver’s data or order price- all the details will be filled in for you, based on the information from your Shoplo account. Delivery integration makes it easy to download delivery labels and generate protocols. Simple and efficient.