Adding variants of a product.

If you're selling a product that comes in a variety of colors, the last thing you want to do is go making a new page for every different color. Not only is this tedious, but its an incredible waste of time. 

For example: If you have coat which comes in 4 different colours, then you can create one main page for the coat regardless of its color.  Then you create 4 different variants, a different on for each color that the coat comes in. You can add up to 3 different variants for a product- size, color, material, finish etc. 

This coat is one product, but in your store it will be available in 4 different sizes.

Click on the "Products" tab on your dashboard, and then click on the name of one of your products.

By simply creating a product, you have already used one variant slot. You can edit the parameters of this slot so that when a customer clicks on one of your products, it defaults to this first variant. 


Creating variants - step by step

There are two ways of adding new variants.

I. Collective variant creating

1. Click on Add new variants:

2. You can add a parameter from defined ones or create your own.

e.g Choose colour and then add all colors that your product is available in:

3. Add up to another 3 Parameters. At the bottom of the page, you are shown the total possible combinations that your product is available in.

4. If you generate certain variants that you dont sell, you can easily delete them by marking them and choosing Delete then Save changes:

5. The variants’ SKU will generate automatically by adding consecutive numbers at the end of the SKU number you have entered. 

You can change specific attributes for each individual variant by clicking on the “Quick edit”.

All fields are can be edited. Click Save once all your details are correct and you're ready to go!


II. Adding variants separately:

For products which have at least one variant, you can add variations one by one:

 1. Click on "New parameter" next to variant on the right side:


 2. Fill in fields for existing parameters, insert required information and save changes:


3. In this way you will create new product’s variant.


Important: If you cannot add new variants because every time you add new variant this overwrites the last one, it means that something is impeding our platform functions. The most common reason for this is add ons such as AdBlock or similar. In this case perform one of the actions listed below:

Close or uninstall the addon

Click on the Adblock icon and from menu choose Pause Adblock

 Use another browser without Adblock.