The Main Menu of your store.

In each layout there is a default menu bar with the following links:

  • Home - leads to your homepage
  • Categories - a page that shows your products organized into specific catagories
  • About us - information about you, your products and your business. 
  • Contact - ways that visitors can contact you. 

The menu is nothing more than links which lead to other pages of your store. You can freely edit these links and change what they appear as and where they link to. You can also insert more links.

To edit a menu, go to layout and then click on Navigation on the top bar.

In this section you can edit the contents of the Main Menu bar.

1 -Add link

2 -Edit existing link

When adding a new link, add its name, which is the text that will be the actual link.


On the URL dropdown menu, you can choose which page it will redirect to.

  • Home page
  • Product
  • Category
  • Collection
  • Pages -choose this option if your link will lead to pages like Contact, About us etc.
  • URL - This option is for links which will lead to external sites like blog etc.
  • Vendor
  • Search
  • Category list - Link leading to the category list of your store.


How to create a drop-down menu when my cursor hovers over a menu title?

Perhaps you would like to add more options when the mouse cursor travels over your "Mens clothing" section.

To do this, follow the previous steps to add a new link. Name the link "Mens clothing" and in the URL drop box, select "Category", then (presuming that your category hierarchy  is structured correctly), select the "Mens clothing category" and hit "Save Changes". Then you should see an extra link on your main menu bar and a small menu appearing with all the "Mens clothing" sub-categories. 

If you are still struggling to get this process working smoothly, please contact us at