Payment methods

At Shoplo, we have created many different ways for you to be paid.  Everyone likes getting paid, so we thought we’d make it as easy as possible to pay and to be paid.

To get started, head to Settings />  Payments:


A few of the methods you see here require ‘Integration’’ with third party companies. Integration simply means that you need an account with this third party to ensure that your customers are paying you safely! Integration is a fantastic thing, as it means the split second you are paid, you will be notified in your Shoplo admin panel.


Cash on delivery

The original form of payment.  People physically meeting you and putting cash in your hand or paying courier delivering the parcel.


Credit card payments

Someone fills their cart full of your glorious products and then wants to enter the 16 digit number on their credit card for you to be paid.  This is a very common way to be paid but it does come with associated risks.  This is why we require integration with Paylane in order for you to provide a safe and secure way for your customers to pay you.  Once you have established an account with Paylane, the Shoplo platform will ask you for a few credentials (Merchant ID and password) so that your customers can safely and easily pay you through your Shoplo website and you can be notified immediately of payments.


Money Transfer

We have made it possible for your customers to pay directly into your bank account and for the funds to be available in your account immediately.  This involves simple integration with Sofort. Once your business is registered with Sofort , you can offer money transfer as a payment option.  When a customer chooses to pay via Sofort, they will receive a transfer form that can be used in online banking or can be printed and used in a traditional branch. You will receive instant notification once the customer has paid!



The most common way to pay online.  Once your have set up your seller's account on Paypal, you simply have to enter API (Application Programming Interface) Username and Password. Fill in your thank you message that your customer will see after paying, and you’re ready to be paid via PayPal!