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Sign up for a newsletter

Your customers can sign up for a newsletter in two ways:

  • By completing the form in your store
  • Or by signing up after placing an order

If your theme does not have a newsletter subscription field, then you can choose another theme, create a new one using the theme builder or write to us and request to add such a pop-up to your current theme. Depending on the project, this will have an additional charge.

How to send messages? 

Shoplo doesn't provide a direct way to send newsletters to customers. To send one you need an account on one of the following platforms:

Active Campaign
Please note that the use of their services may involve additional costs.

Integrating them with Shoplo is very easy. Just install the appropriate integration.

Once you've merged Shoplo with one of your marketing email providers, the subscribed customers will be on the right list where you can send messages.

How to offer a discount for the newsletter subscription?

Create a discount voucher according to this article. When making a voucher, choose the option one voucher per customer. In this way, every customer will be able to take advantage of the discount only once. Then put this code in the welcome message, which is sent immediately after the customer signs up for the newsletter.

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