Shoplo allows you to offer your customers discount vouchers that they can use on the check out page. 

Go to Marketing > Vouchers click '+Voucher'


Fill in the following fields::

Voucher code: Enter a name here or click on 'Generate'.


Voucher validity - Specify for since when and for how long the voucher is valid. You can specify the start and end date or select 'Indefinite' as the expiration date.

Number of uses

  • Unlimited
  • Limited -  Select how many times this voucher  can be used per customer
  • One per customer - Every customer (per email) can only use the coupon once

With the limited option you can also select the option 'unique'. This will generate a csv file where you will find unique discount voucher.



Discount type

Select the discount type:

  • Price discount
  • % discount
  • Free delivery

Opcja Łączy się z promocjami pozwala klientowi skorzystać z kuponu rabatowego, nawet jeśli produkt jest w promocji. Dowiedz się więcej o promocjach. 

The option 'Combined with promotions' allows the customer to use a discount voucher, even if the product is in promotion. Learn more about promotions.


Select for specifically what the discount will apply:

  • For all orders
  • All orders above
  • Products


When you select the option of Products, you will see an additional field. This will allow you to determine in the case the customer adds more than one piece of the same product if the discount will only be valid for only the first item or for all.


Finally, click on 'save changes'. 

 You can send a voucher to your customers via e-mail.

If you created unique vouchers then you will see an icon that will let you download the CSV file


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