Managing variants

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What are variants and parameters?

Variants are different versions of the same product. For example, one product can come in several sizes (S, M, L) and colours (red, blue, black).

Size and colour are parameters. 

Managing variants:

In Shoplo you can manage variants in three simple steps:

Setting up all variant combinations

Click on a product that doesn't have a variant or add a new one.

Right next to 'Variants' click on 'Edit'.


Click on the three dots > Click on 'Manage variants'


Then select a parameter from the list or create your own.


Enter the corresponding value. Remember that parameters are case sensitive, so you need to use exactly the same word for each product. Click 'Add'.


If you need to, add more parameters. You will also see how many variants will be created. Click on 'Save Changes'.


After you saved the changes, you will see all combinations of variants.

Removing variants. 

If your products are not available in this variant, you can delete it.

Select the variant you want to delete > Select the option 'Delete' from the right menu and click on 'Save'.


Quick edit

If your product already has variants, you can always modify them.

At the top right side of the 'Variant' section, click on three dots and choose 'Quick edit'. Change the data as required and save.

Go to 'Products' > Select a product > On the Variants section click on 'Edit' > Click on 'Quick edit'.



Adding a single variant.  

You can only add a single variant if your product already has variants. If they don't have any, check here how to add your first variant.

Go to 'Product > Select a product > On the Variants section click on 'Edit' > Click on the three dots > Click on 'Add variant'.


Fill in all the values (parameter, price, SKU, etc.)

You can also add the variant availability, which is the estimated time you will need to deliver this specific product variant, and decide whether Shoplo should toggle inventory level tracking for this product variant or not.




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