How can Multichannel help my business?

Shoplo Multichannel is a tool to manage multiple sales channels in one place. You can manage your inventory, customers and orders from a single dashboard. 


How does it work?

Using Multichannel, you connect all your stores to create a Master inventory. Your master inventory is made of all the products you have for sale in all your channels. 

Selected products in your master inventory will automatically be listed in any connected channel you wish. When someone buys a product from any of your channels, your stock numbers will go down in every channel that product is listed in.

No more logging into separate channels to update inventory numbers.  

No more logging into separate channels to keep track of orders.

We will do everything for you.

Currently, we are integrated with Etsy, Dawanda, WooCommerce, Shoplo, Showroom and Shopify.

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