Managing your account

By clicking on the down arrow in the top left corner of your Dashboard, you will be able to manage all the main aspects of your account.


Your account

In this section, you can:

  • Reset password: By clicking on the 'Reset password' link, you can change your password. 
  • Deleting account: To delete and remove your account, click on the 'Delete Account' button.  Be sure that you want to do this, as all data will be removed and therefore unrecoverable. 
  • Change your avatar: Click on 'Change Avatar'  to change the picture that appears in the top left corner of your screen. 

Billing & Invoice

From this section, you can manage the following sections:

  • Subscription: Here you can view the subscription you currently have and you can upgrade your account
  • Invoice: Here you will be able to see and download all your invoices
  • Settings: Here you can edit your credit card details

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