How to connect other channels

Right after you connect your first channel, you will be prompted to connect another one. If for some reason you left this screen or clicked on 'I will do it later', you can always: 

Go to the 'Sales channel' section and click the option 'See more channels'.


You will see a list of sales channels you can connect. Just click on 'Connect' or 'Connect another account' if you have two accounts in the same channel.

Then follow these steps:

1. Click the logo of the store that you wish to connect. 


2. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign into your account. 


3. Again, you will be asked if you want to install this application.  Click on the option 'Install' or 'Connect' (it will depend on the channel):


4. Depending on how many products you have in that store, you may need to wait a few seconds or a couple of minutes.




The merge process is necessary to make sure that you don’t import duplicates of already existing products into your master inventory. Shoplo will try to automatically match your products. If we can’t do that you will be asked to manually search for them.

5. Review carefully the product list and choose between these 2 options:

  • Match with product: Select this option if the product you are now importing is the same as the one in your master inventory. Then proceed to match the new product with the instance of it in the master inventory.
  • Import as new: Select this option if the product on that channel is not already on your master inventory

Note: You can match only products with the same amount of variants.

6. Click 'Continue'

Now you can see all your producta in your master inventory. 🎉

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