Master Inventory

Your Master Inventory is the place where you manage your stock levels and synchronise your products across all connected channels. 

You will find it under Products > Inventory 

Your Master Inventory shows all variants of all products you have added to Shoplo Multichannel.

Products listed in your master inventory are not necessarily listed in a connected sales channel. To place products in a sales channel, go to Products > Inventory and click 'Export product'. 


Select the sales channel you wish to add products to, and then click 'Next'. 


Here, search for and select the product that you wish to export to the channel you just selected. Click 'Next'.

On the next screen, confirm all the details of the products that you're listing. Fill out the details and click 'Next' until the button changes to 'Export', then click that option.  Your products will be exported to the selected channel. 

What is the difference between the sections 'Inventory' and 'Product list'? 

Inventory - is your Master Inventory - showing all products and their variants. If you have a shirt in two sizes they will be listed separately here.


Product list - is a list of all products. Here, variants are hidden but can be expanded.


How to add products to your master inventory?


Go to "Products" and click 'add product'.

Fill in all the required information and click save.

You have to export this product to channels in order for it to be seen by customers.

Import by connecting a channel 

See our previous FAQ.

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