Banners & frames

Using Shoplo, you will come across the words ‘banner’ and ‘frame’ regularly. 

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A frame is an individual image that links to a certain part of your store.  

Banners are groups of frames that may be fixed or sliding, transitioning between multiple frames over time. 

By default, you will have a banner named 'Homepage'. After adding images/frames to this banner, they will be displayed on the homepage. 



Different kinds of banners 

In the following example, we see 2 different kinds of banners.



On the top, we have a banner that automatically transitions between 2 different frames every few seconds. Both frames can be made to link to any part of the store. 



On the bottom, we see another banner, made of 3 frames that will not change. All 3 frames link to different areas of the store.



Banners with heading and text.

Some banners will always display text. For example, those in the 'One Pager' theme. You can use these kinds of banners in your own store by:

  • Using certain premade themes from the theme store
  • Creating a theme in the Theme Builder.

There are 2 kinds of banners with text -

Text on a banner on top of an image:

A banner made of a separate image and text:



Adding text to a frame

You can add a heading and a text to a frame when you first create a new one, or by clicking the edit  button.

Remember that not all banners display text. See more



How to add a banner

  1. Go to layout ->banners
  2. Click 
  3. Enter a name for your banner.

  4.  Click 'Save changes'. 



How to add a frame to a banner

To add a frame to a banner, go to layout -> banners.

Click 'create frame'.

Fill in the requested information.

Frame name should be a simple name for the frame. If your banner can display text, this will be the heading

Display time is how long you want the frame to be displayed before transitioning to the next frame

Use visibility if you would like to create a banner but not display it- perfect for flash sales.

Go to is where choose where the frame will link to.

Choose image is where you upload the image that you wish to display. The suggested size is mentioned near the button. 


Text box is where you will write the text that you want to display if your frame is able to display text. See more



As mentioned, the banner used by default on your homepage is named 'Homepage'. 

If you add extra banners and frames in the dashboard, you can chose to display them instead of the default banner (named 'homepage') on your homepage.

  1. Make sure you have created a new banner with frames (see 'how to add banners and how to add frames'
  2. Go to Layout -> theme settings
  3. From the menu on the right, chose 'settings'
    Note: In some themes, the banner selection menu will be located in a different tab
  4. Selected the desired banner from the drop down menu.
  5. Click the back arrow in the top left. When asked, hit 'Save'.
  6. Go see your new banner in your storefront!